Our 'High Five' to Santa gift guide

Our 'High Five' to Santa gift guide

So as December is almost in sight, the mince pies are calling your name, the tinsel is ready to be untangled, the Christmas tree is lying naked in the hall and the Christmas lights fuse is to be changed (again),  and slowly the general festive spirit is creeping in, so as Santa's Elves come in many forms we thought we'd give you our top 5 gifts that are worthy of a 'High Five' to the big guy in red. 

Worth pointing out that, as much as we love the winter gift givers of hats, socks, gloves, scarves etc the best presents are the ones that have had some thought put into them, items that in the summer you'd said to yourself that would make a great Christmas present but now its rolled round its magically disappeared from your festive clouded brain, so down with 'Seasonal Gifting' and up with presents that will keep you in good books all the way through to the summer and beyond.

1. A DryRobe-The ultimate, warmest, most advanced  change robe in the world!

A bold statement, YES! but one we completely agree with, they come in many styles, colours and cover a huge variety of sporting needs and will soon be your watersports essential on every occasion. With its insulating fabric that keeps you super toasty it will preserve your energy and core temperature with full protection from the elements by drawing the water from a wet wetsuit away from the skin, meaning a handy piece of kit allowing you to jump in the car and get home without changing after being in the water, beach or boat. Other handy features includes top-notch fleecy pockets to keep those hands warm, 2-way zips, and a sealed 2-way waterproof zip chest pocket for your phone or car keys. Its definitely that 'one' item you never knew how you'd survived without it before.

Kids Dryrobes start at £80 and Adults Dryrobes £110


2. A Red Paddle co all new  9'6 Compact Paddle Board-the gamer changer of paddleboards!

Now you must've been very very good this year to get this impressive inflatable paddle board under your tree on Christmas morning, infact it should have a warning on the label that it may produce actual 'tears of joy' or temporary happiness shock. It was 10 years in the making from ISUP pros Red Paddle co, international patent pending technology means it can be folded down the middle, to half the size of a conventional paddle board, but still just as stiff and durable with no compromise on performance, to be consistent with the rest of Red Paddle CO world class range of boards. The whole 9'6 Compact  package of board, bag, paddle and pump is another level of quality technical genius. The size alone and not over looking the storage convenience of this exclusive board will transform and dramatically widen your variety of amazing paddleboarding adventures all year round. Get intouch for more info

Full Package £1299


3. Mr.Zogs Sex Wax Christmas stocking- a handy pack of all the surfing essentials

If you're struggling for a gift for a surfer and are desperate to impress, this little stocking of surfer happiness will definitely get you in the good books. The original surf brand Mr.Zog's Sex Wax have put together a convenient affordable pack containing 4 blocks of Surf Wax (2xcool, 1xcold, 1 x tropical) 2 Air Fresheners, an SPF 30 Lip Balm, and a wax comb, what more could a surfer need and apparently its 'The best for your stick' 

Mr.Zog's Stockings £20



4.Abersoch Watersports Gift Voucher

Now lets not lie, we all have that one difficult person to buy gifts for and every year you rack your brains how your going to avoid that awkward moment of silence, waiting for their reaction opening this years present, whilst you pessimistically clutch the receipt, well lets help make that a thing of the past, with a Gift Voucher, by letting your watersports enthusiast choose exactly what they really want, or putting towards a more pricier item having confidently spoken to our staff about all their options. Our Gift Vouchers last for a year and don't have to be used all in one go, especially with our wide variety of choice. All gift vouchers come with an Abersoch Watersports Gift Card along with one of our Abersoch Watersports stickers. Gift Vouchers can come in any denomination, so please get in touch for more details.


5.Mr.Zog's Sex Wax Air Freshner-the all round affordable top stocking filler for everyone

These little air freshners literally fly out the door and not just to our usual watersports customers, but to anyone that genuinely can't leave our store without buying what they wiffed as soon as they walked in through the door. Let us set the scene for you: You're on a tropical beach, the sun is belting down, the sea is gently lapping the white golden shore and you can smell a mixture of suncream and coconuts and pure holiday vibes and  'that' is exactly what the coconut flavour smells of, and were not exaggerating! As well as coconut there's also strawberry, pineapple and grape which all help to neutralise the stinkiest of wetsuit car wiff or the wettest of dog stench.

Prices start at £2.50




Happy Christmas Gifting, give us a festive wave with any questions or product queries!! 

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