Spooked Kooks-Saving the Planet one SurfBoard at a time

Spooked Kooks-Saving the Planet one SurfBoard at a time

It's Official,  the king of our natural world has spoken.............. and when Sir Dave speaks we are more than all ears, we listen;

"Action on plastics should be taken immediately and that humanity holds the future of the planet in the palm of its hands"

So as individuals we're recycling, eco-bricking (google it), doing regular #2minutebeachcleans (Follow them!!) religiously using our reusable cups, bottles, straws and shopping bags and generally being very much more mindful of our plastic waste and packaging. But for us at Abersoch Watersports we accept we can't save the planet and are merely scratching the surface, but we want to be part of the solution not exasperate the problem of plastic in our oceans, wise words from Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia ''Use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis''

So with this in mind, moving forward, a certain brand came on our surf radar that really felt like it was trying to give one giant healing hug to our plastic riddled planet, one surfboard at a time. So stepping up to take the crown of the The world's first surfboard manufacturer using genuine post-consumer plastic waste is the environmental surf warriors Spooked Kooks!!!!


Spooked Kooks are a pretty cool little brand manufacturing durable, performance Softboards using high-density polyethylene produced from 100% recycled plastic waste, including the leash plug, fin box, fins and even the fin key, aswell as their ice cream candy coloured board range and awesome Spooked Kooks graphics with epic style names like Dead Hippie, Batrat and Frankenfish. We've already cleared our personal boardrack ready for a full quiver!!


Is anyone as old as us? (Ok no need to be rude!) Who remembers when you could take your empty fizzy pop glass bottles back to the shop and get a few pence back for your troubles, why did this ever stop, probably because cheap plastic production took over, anyway Spooked Kooks have a similar system "we hope your board has a long and wave filled life, but if you choose not to use it as wall art, send it back to us to be recycled and we'll give you a discount off a new board." We're sold!!!

We're so excited for Spooked Kooks to land in the shop this Spring, Softboards that don't cost the earth but help to fix it! Give Spooked Kooks a follow on Social Media and watch this space for delivery dates, but to be honest you'll probably see us out testing them as soon as they're unwrapped!

 Abersoch Watersports over and out!