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Why we use Red Paddle co for our SUP lessons

Why we use Red Paddle co for our SUP lessons

Over the years of teaching many people to Paddleboard here in Abersoch, all our customers have differed in age, ability, body type and fitness and throw in the ever changing welsh sea and weather conditions to contend with to really mix up the variances, but the one thing that hasn't changed and always aids our SUP instruction is getting our customers on high quality Paddleboards.

Why we always choose Red Paddle Co;

👉 Performance: They offer excellent stability, maneuverability, and speed on the water, making them perfect for our beginners, to properly experience a great SUP lesson.

👉Innovation: Red Paddle co is known for its commitment to innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of inflatable paddleboard technology, making them the worlds No.1 inflatable SUP.

👉Tried & Tested by Us: Over the last 10years we’ve built up a great relationship with the team at Red,  all our staff have got their own favourite boards within the Red range and they never let us down.

👉 Environmental Creds: They’re a certified B-Corp company, an ethos we believe in, taking steps to be more responsible and sustainable in all areas of their business, they've worked so hard to get this status and as a company is something to be proud of and for us to be associated with

 👉 Durable: Red Paddle Co SUPs are renowned to last,  due to their high-quality materials in the construction, such as military-grade PVC, drop-stitch technology, and MSL fusion construction, designed to withstand the rigors of water sports. Their 5year warranty proves their faith in their Paddleboards and incredible customer service.

👉Quality: Red Paddle Co boards are crafted using high-quality materials and construction techniques, ensuring long-lasting durability and performance. Their attention to detail and rigorous quality control processes mean you can trust the reliability of their products. It takes 72hours to make each and every board, subjected to the industry's toughest quality control process developed by feedback from tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

The Red Paddle co 2024 range is also available online and instore, from the perfect allrounder Ride, the convenient super small Compact, the speedy Sport and the long distance Voyager, we've got each and everyone covered to find your perfect Paddleboard.

Have fun this summer, get on the water!



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