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sharp eye surfboard with FCS fins, surfer lifting up in the surf in white water surfing

How important are fins to your surfboard set-up?

The quick answer is VERY!  Read on to find out more….

holding a surf FCS fin outside Abersoch Watersports

Just as a car needs a decent engine, so does a surfboard and that’s exactly what fins are to a surfboard and shouldn’t be underrated. 

Fibreglass high performance fins can take your surfing ability up a notch, your board suddenly becomes alive with more drive and response making your surfboard free and fast through the water. 

If you’re using plastic fins in your surfboard and seeing no progression in surfing ability  we’d definitely recommend trying some fibreglass fins ASAP, they’re a no brainer! 

Size of the fins makes a difference too, if you’re under 70kgs use a Medium, 70kg+ use a Large, kids use a Small. It’s also worth trying different styles of fins, more upright, more rake  they will all make a huge difference. We’d also recommend using different fin setups: thruster, quad or twinnie for your particular board until you get that A-HA surfing moment, have fun with your board and setup to enjoy your surfing sessions more.

If you're a little unsure of what fin maybe best for you, send us a message or pop the shop in for a chat and see the fin range in store and get some good advice.

Sharp Eye surfboard with FCS fins and leash overlooking surf beach Porth Ceiriad in North Wales, UK

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