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The  Hydro flask experiment

The Hydro flask experiment

So are we really writing a blog post about a water bottle, YES, we really are!……its not just any water bottle, its our 6year olds water bottle, not just any water bottle but a Hydro Flask, that’s proved to be the hero of all kids water bottles (eek I hope we didn’t sound too much like an M&S advert there, but we are talking premium, so hope you get the picture)

Over a year and a half ago our 6year old, now 7 was entrusted with a fancy new Hydro Flask kids drinks bottle with a cool straw lid. Now parents of little ones will understand that their water bottle really must be top notch to live up to being a sidekick of a little terror and I can honestly say that it has really lived up to the job.

I hear you laugh, but genuinely a kids water bottle needs to cut the mustard! A reusable water bottles job is simply to just provide a cold drink on the go, but a kids water bottle is so much more…………its about survival!

hydro flask kids bottle

So the Hydro Flask in question seems to be quite invincible, for a 7year old especially ours, who’s described as ‘wreck-it Ralph”.  Its actually endured daily abuse in his school rucsac, rolling around at sports matches, carried/swung in the air to the beach everyday in the summer, shaken quite vigorously with ice in, thrown in the car boot, taken on SUP/ surf adventures, suffered 5013 ‘bottle flips” (if you know you know) along with being dropped countless times and sustained many dents that all tell a story. We’ve had no leaks! Yes I repeat no leaks and that really is unusual. And despite peer pressure it’s not been swopped for a certain other bottle with a fancy smelling ring that some might call a fad. Its even been found and recovered after an all-nighter on the beach. Its has his name written on the base 300 and something times after its washed off (must invest in a decent sharpie, I know!) How this hydro flask has not been lost and lives another day is completely beyond us, but that’s where Hydro flask comes out as the true champion in this strange water bottle experiment. They really are worth every penny of the investment, look after it properly, reuse time and time again, keeping those drinks cold, on the go, whilst not relying on plastic as your vestibule of choice, its a win-win in our book! So before you go and check out the Hydro Flask range, the question is……… we think he deserves a new jazzy Hydro flask, to replace the one that probably needs to retire?……………sometime soon, maybe! 

And here it it, heroic proof of Hydro Flasks survival:


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