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surfer in a wetsuit on a wave at north ceiriad in North Wales near Abersoch

The Christmas Mrs.AW won 'Girlfriend of the year"

Mrs AW: “It was a Christmas well over 18+years  ago, pre us owning Abersoch Watersports. Woods was absolutely pining for this particular 2nd hand surfboard on eBay and he’d set himself a limit of what he was prepared to bid up to, I did a bit of secret squirrel investigating or make that secret Santa’ing and found the particular board and decided to outbid him, I remember his frustration constantly being outbid, little did he know he was in competition with me on just the other side of the room not some other surfer in the depths of the ebay universe. And guess what I WON that board, along with girlfriend of the year! Yes I may have paid a little over the odds for it but it was so worth it, the excitement of wanting to see his face when he realised it was ‘the surfboard’ he wanted and it was a gift that was truly appreciated  and that was priceless, so I guess the moral of the story is don’t wing-it, do the research, put the thought in, find out what they really would love, ask us all the questions, get the advice, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune but you can’t beat that feeling of peak gifting when you see their face on Christmas Day, knowing you got it so right!

And for those wondering it was a JS Industries Monsta 6’0, it was very loved, well used, he snapped it, it went to board heaven and lets move on…… good luck and go gift thoughtfully!

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