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Wax Fresh Surfboard Wax Scraper

No more wax comb struggles. The new surfboard wax remover that'll blow your mind.

If you surf, then you know the struggle that is removing old wax from your surfboard. 

Due to it's sharp edge running all the ay around, you can move it in any direction and it will remove your wax. Up and down, long strokes or circular motions are just some of the ways to use your Wax Fresh.

What is unique about Wax Fresh?

Wax Fresh is the first of its kind, multi-directional surfboard wax remover that fits comfortably in your hand. Having an edge around the whole bottom means you can use Wax Fresh in any direction, up/down, long passes or circular motions. You will soon find your preferred method.

What is different about Wax Fresh to other wax removal tools?

When using your Wax Fresh wax removal tool, you don't need to warm the wax on your surfboard like traditional methods. Wax Fresh can be used on cold wax and removes your wax easily. This avoids the sticky mess that previous methods would produce.




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