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Phill Wood from surf shop Abersoch Watersports explains his surfboard collection, surfboards from DHD, Sharp Eye, Slater designs Akila Aipa and Lib Tech

The head honcho breaks down whats in his Quiver


When you get to a certain level of surfing your choice of surfboard in certain conditions at certain breaks can make all the difference, so an extra litre here or there, the position of the fins, a few extra inches of length (ok we’ll move on with the length jokes) the shape of the tail, the board construction, the slightest of variables can make or break your session, and not forgetting your well earned board investment, so having a full arsenal of boards if you own a surf shop is a given, a collection that’s been carefully curated over the years to suit your style of surfing.

Credit: Phil Boyd, Outwest Images

 So we’ve seen Woods, the Captain of Abersoch Watersports on a few waves over the years, but what’s really under his feet? Lets hear whats in his current quiver and why he chooses to surf what he does with the choice of the whole board rack at his disposal.


1.SLATER DESIGNS,  FLAT EARTH BY AKILA AIPA AND FIREWIRE LFT, 5’8”: "This is my small wave everyday board, not a groveller, slightly more volume than I'd usually surf but these great boards surf better a bit more volumed up from your usual go to board. In small fun waves i run with a twin and when the waves have a bit more juice I usually run as a 2+1"

2.SHARP EYE INFERNO 72, 5’11” in standard dimensions:                              "This board goes so well in small good waves, perfect for standard everyday swell  here in North Wales and seems to stick to my feet just right, its fast and drivey and everything you’d ever want in a performance surfboard."

3. DHD, THE DUCKSNUTS 6’0”:                                                                             "This board is just a super performer in overhead, powerful pumping waves, its got more rocker and a pulled in round tail, one of my favourites for when Porth Ceiriad is showing her true chunky colours."

4.SHARP EYE  #77+ 6’3”:                                                                                          "I tend to take this board on waves that get you excited and scared all at the same time, its been great on East coast trips and over to Ireland where the waves can be really hollow. The perfect board to get some barrels, its a tweaked, pulled in, longer and leaner version of Filipe Toledo’s board of choice the 77, she's a keeper and definitely staying in my quiver.......until she gets snapped!"

 5.LIB TECH PICKUP STICK 7’0”:                                                                         "This board is pure fun, not technically mine more Mrs. AW’s but part of the quiver for all the family and I’m more than happy to have a play on it in some micro waves at Porth Neigwl / Hells Mouth with our boys. It’s like a longboard with plenty of volume in an 8’0” package that catches any little pea roller for maximum smiles. 

Tell us your Top 3 favourites currently in the Abersoch Watersports board rack:

1: Sharp Eye Inferno 72: "Stab winner, easy to surf in any conditions, such a great board"

2. Lib Tech x Lost RNF 96: "A remake of a timeless Matt Bioloss shape in a super tough construction, can be used as a twin, 2+1 or a thruster and again can handle lots of different conditions"

 3. Town and Country Saint/ Sinr: "This is just a lovely bit of nostalgia, they look and feel great, again a small to medium wave performer, multiple fin set ups, fast and fun, and best of all they look amazing!"

Have fun building your dream quiver, we're here to help, ask us all the questions.

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